map pack revolution II

map pack revolution II 1.0

The map pack revolution two is here! An perfect maps pack for warhammer game

The team has been hard at work for the past few weeks to bring you a whopping 10 maps!!! many thanks to all the team: kitty, kendall, visba, wasturr and elfurreto for their hard work. anyway, enjoy the pack. The leader of the team, Ruley is incharge of recruitment, file posting and keeping the troops in line. he is a funny, well organised guy who isnt that strict but he gets things done. Spends alot of his time online, so your sure to find him somewhere, weather it be on FF, the forums or elsewhere. Alot of his maps dont follow a theme, he does a mixture of urban, desert, jungle and other themed maps. His most popular map was an urban 1V1 called Macragge Spaceport.

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